I'm Kim Ku and I make web products, printed matter, illustrations, and silkscreen books.

I'm currently a freelance designer in NYC looking forward to talk shop and new opportunities!

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Wimpy Kid Read-a-Thon

The Wimpy Kid Read-a-Thon was created to serve three purposes: incentivize reading, celebrate the 10th book release of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid middle grade book series, and reward die-hard fans with participation prizes.

Following COPPA Regulations

Because we collected mailing addresses to send every kid participant a prize patch, our site had to align with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule. This meant setting up an arduous process with multiple check points but ultimately protected kids' internet privacy.

Knowing that this would likely increase user drop off, my most important job was to make this process as painless and clear as possible for parents and kids.

Taking The Challenge

Now that the hard part was over, we wanted kids to get the most out of their experience.

Even though there was a time frame to complete the read-a-thon to earn prizes, we wanted all kids to be able to participate at their own pace. The UX of the site was designed so that earning prizes was agnostic of whether or not you could complete all the challenges in time.

No matter what, when you completed the read-a-thon, you'd receive a special message from the author.