I'm Kim Ku and I make web products, printed matter, illustrations, and silkscreen books.

I'm currently a freelance designer in NYC looking forward to talk shop and new opportunities!

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The Sweethome

Every day, The Sweethome sends a Daily Deals newsletter that culls the best product deals for budget savvy consumers. I was tasked to overhaul the design to ensure better visual hierarchy and develop an easily editable Mailchimp template.


For this project, I worked with the growth strategist remotely through email and phone calls to first identify what was and wasn't working with the current design. This is a break down of the old design:


It took 3-4 iterations before we found a happy medium between an interesting design and a modular layout that would resolve the problems faced by newsletter subscribers and the Sweethome staff.

For the newsletter subscriber, we wanted to build focus on why products were picked, how much was saved, and a clear actionable buttons. The newsletter also needed a complete visual overhaul to reflect the current Sweethome site design and add visual credibility to its offerings.

For the Sweethome staff, there was a strong request to make the products and newsletter more sharable. In addition, I built a Mailchimp template in a way that was easily editable by staff who were unfamiliar with front-end development. It was important to to make the process as transparent as possible.


Daily Deals is part of the Sweethome family, but should carry its own set of sister branding so it carried its own icon set with the same color palette: