I'm Kim Ku and I make web products, printed matter, illustrations, and silkscreen books.

I'm currently a freelance designer in NYC looking forward to talk shop and new opportunities!

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Adventure Time Stationery

I was really excited to work on this project because it combined two of my loves: Adventure Time and stationery. Over three months, I worked on a journal, a set of notebooks, tear-off pads, and a postcard collection.



Cartoon Network had provided a style guide to work from and we could have stopped there but we wanted to take their artwork one step further. We started by deconstructing and rebuilding their key art, manipulating both the line art and the color textures.

We started with this key art:

Then we came up with three distinct looks: dry brush, screenprint, and noise.

Out of the options, dry brush looked the worst, so we tossed that out. We were happy with the other two looks, so divided them between the stationery products. The notebooks would carry the watercolor look.

In Action

Whenever I see the stationery in stores, I get a little giddy.