I'm Kim Ku and I make web products, printed matter, illustrations, and silkscreen books.

I'm currently a freelance designer in NYC looking forward to talk shop and new opportunities!

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Adventure Time

This project combined two of my loves: Adventure Time and stationery. Over three months, I worked on a pocketed journal with accessories, a set of notebooks, tear-off notepads, and a postcard collection.


Cartoon Network had provided a style guide to work from which we took as a baseline to take our designs one step further. We started by deconstructing and rebuilding their provided key art, manipulating both the line and color textures.

Final Products

Because we made the extra effort to stylize the Adventure Time artwork, I was happy to see how the final products really differentiated themselves from the ocean of Adventure Time merchandise in the market.

Pocket Journal with Ruler, Pen, and Bookmark

Adventure Time journal

Notebook Set

Adventure Time notebooks

Tear-off Notepads

Adventure Time tear off notepads

Postcard Set

Adventure Time postcard set